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Kid Craft Challenge #1-Paper Plate Spider Web

on October 2, 2015

As part of the Kid Craft Challenge #1, sponsored by The Resourceful Mama, I used a paper plate to make a spider web craft that would be both a spatial and a bodily-kinesthetic activity for my three year old grandson, Tahoe. Since we sang “The Eensy, Weensy Spider” as we crafted, which is using a musical intelligence, I believe I can safely say that my grandson used three multiple intelligences in making this project. (I always try to consider Multiple Intelligences when I plan learning projects for my grandsons.)

Because Tahoe is 3 years old, I had to do some of the prep work. My older grandsons (ages 5 and 7) could probably do most of this themselves.

This is how the finished project looked, (although without the baseball clip that was used to hang the project in Tahoe’s bedroom):

Spider web craft 1


So here are the steps to make this craft project:

Materials Needed:

1 black paper plate (or have the child paint a paper plate with black paint)

Yellow (or light colored) yarn

Tape (like duct tape)

Wiggly eyes

Glue stick

Hole Punch

Circle Punch (optional)



First I cut out a circle in the center of a paper plate. I saved the circle that was cut out from the middle for later.


Using a hole punch, I punched holes around the plate. Later I had to punch more holes, so it is best to have double the amount of punched holes than what is pictured below.


From the middle circle that I saved, I cut out four long strips and used a circle punch to get a smaller circle that would become the spider’s body. (You could trace a small circle from the bottom of a cup and cut it out with scissors instead of using a circle punch.) I also cut three long pieces of yarn and wrapped some duct tape around the ends to make the yarn easier to thread through the holes I had punched in the paper plate.


To make the spider’s web I had Tahoe thread the yarn into the punched holes. He secured the ends of the yarn to the back of the plate with small pieces of duct tape.


To make the spider, I had my grandson crisscross and duct tape the four strips of paper plate to the back of the small black circle. Then he glued some wiggly eyes onto the spider. Lastly, he taped the spider to the yarn (or web) with the duct tape.



My grandson loved this project so much that I had to hang it on the wall in his bedroom right away, rather than place it on the refrigerator which is where his newly crafted projects are usually displayed. He was so proud of it!

I hope to contribute other crafts to the Kid Craft Challenge in the coming months.






8 responses to “Kid Craft Challenge #1-Paper Plate Spider Web

  1. Carroll says:


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  2. Kim says:

    I really enjoyed your project! I always like to incorporate some learning and developmental skills into our crafts projects. Thank you for participating in the Kid Craft Challenge! I look forward to seeing what you create with the next challenge!

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    • I had so much fun working with my three year old grandson on this project. Today I will be doing a popsicle stick craft with the five and seven year old grandsons. I am enjoying this Kid Craft Challenge very much.


      • Kim says:

        I am too Nancy! I really challenged myself with the next challenge, but I finally decided on a project today. Look forward to seeing your project!


  3. Kim says:

    I also have a link party, Made for Kids, I co-host with three other bloggers. We would love for you to link this project up!

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  5. […] Kid Craft Challenge #1-Paper Plate Spider Web […]


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